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Imagine you never have to search for a switch in the dark, never have to get up from the couch to search for a remote. Voxior gets your home ready for Voice Control, in 5-minutes. 

No additional hardware required.

1. Voxior - Frequently asked questions

What does Voxior Voice Control do?

Voxior allows you to connect your favourite Smart Assistants:

  • Amazon Alexa,

  • Google Assistant and

  • Apple Siri (in Beta),


with your Smart Home:

  • Gira X1 & HomeServer,

  • Loxone Miniserver,

  • Theben LUXORLiving IP1,

  • Divus KNX server,

  • Weinzierl BAOS 777,


  • as well as any KNX IP interface.


How can I start with Voice Control?

You can try out Voice control free of charge instantly:

  1. Start your free trial in the Voxior App,

  2. Connect with your Smart Home,

  3. Rename and enable/disable devices,

  4. Set-up your Smart Assistant.

That’s it! Now you’re ready to start using Voice Control.


Can I, as a less technical user, do the setup myself?

Of course! Voxior is simple to use and fast to set-up. Setting it up is as simple as copying text from your Smart Home mobile app to our Voxior App and clicking Save. Voxior takes care of the rest.

2. Smart Home voice interface -
Frequently asked questions

What are the typical use cases for voice controlling a smart home?

Voice control is convenient when you cannot use your hands or the switch is not within your reach.

Some of our favorite use cases include:

  • turning on the light while you cook in the kitchen and your hands are wet

  • setting the Dining scene when sitting down for dinner. Some users even included flashing lights in kids rooms to summon them to the table.

  • wishing Good morning or Good night from the bed

  • opening the garden door when picking up the trash and your hands are full

  • setting the right temperature from your couch

  • turning security on when leaving the house

  • starting the cinema on the way to the couch with drinks in one hand and snacks in the other

Most users quickly identify a couple of unique use cases which makes their living more convenient.


Should the names of the devices be in English or German?

We suggest using the language in which you plan to use your voice assistant. Combining a device name in one language and commands in another does work but it is not convenient as the sentences do not flow as easily.


Do you have any tips on how the devices should be named?

We suggest using a combination of a room name and the type of device.

  • The first step in this case is to give names to all your rooms. Try avoiding non descriptive names like Room 1 or Room Left.

  • Next step is to name all the devices. Device names should be short and should ideally follow the same pattern in each l room. Always try thinking about how the complete sentence will sound.

  • We also suggest avoiding using any special characters like ‘:’ or ‘-’ as they might confuse voice recognition.

Naming suggestions:

  • Use Thermostat or Temperature for temperature settings. Example voice command “Set living room thermostat to 22 degrees” or “Increase bathroom temperature for 3 degrees”.

  • Name the main light in the room as Light. Secondary lights could be named ‘Side light’, ‘Ambient light’, ‘Countertop light’, ‘Desk light’. Apply the same pattern across the whole house. Example command “Turn living room light on”.

  • Keep scene names short and do not use ON/OFF as part of the name as they are part of the command already. Example: “Turn cinema on”.

Which device names should not be used?

So far we have only noticed issues with the name 'radio' when using Amazon Alexa. We will add to this list if we encounter more.


Which devices do you advise not to connect to voice interface?

As with general smart home installation guidelines, we advise you not to connect any critical equipment to your voice interface. These may include:

  • Unlocking the front door

  • Disarming the alarm

  • Closing the pool cover

Where can I find a list of voice commands?

We've prepared a series of articles with voice commands:

More Information:

Find out more about Voxior Voice Control on our website.


Do you have any questions or suggestions?

Please let us know at support@voxior.com, by contacting our helpful support team via Chat (blue button in the bottom right) or book a Support call.

Find out more about Voice Control and try it out now!
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