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Voxior Installer

Modern assistance for the modern day Smart Home owners.

Remote Management Platform for Smart homes

Remotely monitor and manage your customers smart homes to enhance your customer service, proactively prevent issues, increase efficiency and save time by reducing the need for onsite visits.

How Does 1Home Help Your Business?

Be Super Efficient

Setup a remote monitoring and management system in 5 minutes - from your office.

Show True Potential of Smart Homes

Simply enable extensions like Voice control, Secure Remote access, When/Then automation and IoT orchestration, add even more value and make your customer relationships more longlasting.

Offer Great Customer Service

Get alerts when issues appear and fix problems before your customers even know they exist.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Increase service revenue while reducing the need for on-site visits and focusing resources on more profitable activities.

Powerful Management Features

Secure Remote Management

Secure smart home management from anywhere in minutes - monitor, examine & resolve issues. Support for standard configuration tools like KNX ETS, Loxone Config, Gira Experte, and many others.

Simple deployment

Start managing your Smart Homes remotely without an on-site visit. Upgrade your existing clients to the latest standards of network security.

Port forwarding and externally accessible IP not required

Manage Smart Homes remotely without security compromises and without the need to change client’s network configuration. Port-Forwarding, UMTS, LTE, public WIFI connection, ISP and IPv6 related problems are now a thing of the past.

Customer Management

A complete overview of all managed smart homes from one simple to use dashboard.

Smart Home extensions

Voice Control

Empower your customers to use Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri to control the lights, blinds, scenes, heating, and many other devices with voice.

When/Then automation

Enable users to set up simple automation rules like time of day, astro, geo-fencing or presence triggered actions. Let them automate their smart home to do what they want, when they want it.

Secure Remote Access

Offer a peace of mind to your customers and enable them a secure access to their home from anywhere at any time without compromising convenience - using VPN on Demand. Protocols used: IKEv2/IPsec, AES-256-GCM and SHA2-384.

IoT Orchestration

Centrally create and manage scenes orchestrating smart home connected devices and IP devices through a simple to use dashboard.

Business Model

The Business model behind 1Home is based on stock purchases and volume discounts. You acquire a pack of licences which can be activated based on required functionality. All channel partners are protected based on the volume they order. The minimum order quantity is 5pcs. 

Prepare devices for your customers

Through a simple 5-minute process, you can assemble Raspberry Pi 3 device and configure it with 1Home software - forming a 1Home Box device. Installers & integrators are welcome to provide it to their own customers - but not only that, they can fulfill our VoxiorLink orders as well - taking their business across the border. 

Other partnership possibilities


Manufacturers can add support for 1Home products to their gateway in a matter of days, due to our streamlined integration process. To integrate with 1Home, you need to implement our simple and well documented API. Connection to the API can be established either directly through port forwarding or using our 1Home Box device. Another option is to add a 1Home Box SDK directly to your Gateway - which does not require port forwarding.


Distributors help us grow our network of System Integrators and Installers. You are re-selling 1Home Installer licences, while you educate the market with the help of the 1Home Partnership team - through webinars & trainings.

Our partners say

"We are extremely impressed with the simplicity of the 1Home solution as it makes introducing Voice control to existing installations quick and easy with no changes needed to the original programming."

Mark Warburton

Technical Director, Ivory Egg

“With the 1Home's streamlined integration process we have added compatibility for Google Assistant & Alexa to our BAOS 777 device in a matter of days. Users can now simply Voice Control their homes, after a 5-minute set-up”

Thomas Weinzierl

CEO, Weinzierl

“Working with 1Home has been a great pleasure they have very professional processes and we are thrilled to be adding their functionalities to our Gateway.”

Mirco Zublasing

CEO, Divus

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