Remote Access Box

Safely manage and program customers homes remotely.

At the same time enable secure remote access on their native home apps.

Works with

End-to-end encryption made simple

All in a pre-configured plug & play device.

3-click setup and no on-site visit.

Powerful Management Features

Secure Remote Management

Secure smart home management from anywhere in minutes - monitor, examine & resolve issues. Support for standard configuration tools like KNX ETS, Loxone Config, Gira Experte, and many others.

Simple deployment

Start managing your Smart Homes remotely without an on-site visit. Upgrade your existing clients to the latest standards of network security.

Port forwarding and externally accessible IP not required

Manage Smart Homes remotely without security compromises and without the need to change client’s network configuration. Port-Forwarding, UMTS, LTE, public WIFI connection, ISP and IPv6 related problems are now a thing of the past.

Customer Management

A complete overview of all managed smart homes from one simple to use dashboard.

How it works?


generate an URL with one click and access customer's home

through the preferred configuration tool.

Remotely monitor device groups and program home configuration.


grant and close access for themselves, family members and installers. Using the heavily encrypted Voxior URL, they use a secure connection to their home, all set-up with just two clicks.

Early Bird. 20% OFF.

For the first hundred orders, the Voxior Remote Acess Box is available under an Early Bird price.

399€ + VAT


499€ + VAT

*Unlimited operating time, 5-year server support

Same Box, more features.
New business opportunity.

Voice Control

Empower your customers to use Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri to control the lights, blinds, scenes, heating, and many other devices with voice.

When/Then automation

Enable users to set up simple automation rules like time of day, astro, geo-fencing or presence triggered actions. Let them automate their smart home to do what they want, when they want it.

IoT Orchestration

Centrally create and manage scenes orchestrating smart home connected devices and IP devices through a simple to use dashboard.

Interested in pricing for other features?
Our partners say

"We are extremely impressed with the simplicity of the Voxior solution as it makes introducing Voice control to existing installations quick and easy with no changes needed to the original programming."

Mark Warburton

Technical Director, Ivory Egg

“With the Voxior’s streamlined integration process we have added compatibility for Google Assistant & Alexa to our BAOS 777 device in a matter of days. Users can now simply Voice Control their homes, after a 5-minute set-up”

Thomas Weinzierl

CEO, Weinzierl

“Working with Voxior has been a great pleasure they have very professional processes and we are thrilled to be adding their functionalities to our Gateway.”

Mirco Zublasing

CEO, Divus

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