Voxior Mission

August 4, 2017

Our company's goal is to make premium smart homes even smarter.


Currently there is a lot of noise in the market on the topic which smart home products really make sense and which smart gadgets actually improve user’s life.


Voxior team consists of enthusiasts who keenly follow every smart home announcement, test new devices weekly and look for ways to bring best use-cases to the premium smart home space which is moving at a different rate.


Voice Control

We started with voice recognition and voice smart home control. The technology is still in the early days of development.


Currently, Amazon is leading the market, but we predict Google, Apple and Samsung will ultimately dominate this space. Our goal for Voxior is to provide support for all voice assistants. We believe that in the end users will unknowingly switch between different providers - one on the phone, the other on their smart speaker and another one in their car. A couple of multi-tenant smart home speakers were already announced which indicate this direction. We plan to allow our users to pick and choose their voice assistants and do not limit them to the walled gardens as their manufacturers envisioned.



Another challenge is the voice interface itself, how to make it intuitive and natural. Even the current big three (Amazon, Google and Apple) do not completely agree as to which voice commands are the most appropriate for a smart home control. We tested different ways how to name your devices, got feedback from our users and are compiling all this knowledge in our blog posts.


We think that currently the only really good voice recognition is done in the cloud. This development will however help advance on-premise solutions which are expected to be available in the next 2-3 years. As soon as that happens, we will of course do our best to allow users to control their home even if they are completely offline. You can expect the first steps toward this vision by the end of the year when we plan to release an on-premise solution which will package our cloud service in a device. You will still require internet connectivity for voice recognition though.


Multimedia Integration

The second use case we identified is the AV integration into premium smart homes. For US based smart home providers, multimedia is a core part of the product, while in Europe the focus has mostly been on controlling the lights, blinds and heating. AV integration always feels like an afterthought. You can expect a new Voxior product coming out in October which will allow users to control around 300.000 smart home and entertainment devices right from your smart home server. This means you could easily create a Cinema scene in your home which not only controls the lights, blinds and projector screen but also turns the projector on, sets AV receiver to the right input and starts the player. Imagine walking into your cinema room, popcorn in one hand, beverage in another and just saying “Alexa, turn the cinema on”. You could also trigger the same scene, which resides on your smart home server, with a button on the wall or your mobile app.



Same as with voice control, we want to make the configuration seamless and easy to use without requiring advanced technical knowledge. If you want an “out of the box” experience, we also help your installers by making their work setting up and maintaining your system as easy as possible.


We really enjoy our work and we thank you, our users, that you have put trust into us and help us make our vision a reality. Your daily feedback boosts us to improve our products for you as well as for the whole community. Thank you for sending us your comments and suggestions and of course thank you for purchasing our products. We wish to express our gratitude for your support and for your assistance in making our vision a reality.


Our team is working hard to make Voxior the best smart home voice control product on the market.



Get in touch with us on info[at]voxior.com.


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