Alexa, blinds up!

September 10, 2017

Last week, Amazon has added support for the long awaited commands for blinds and doors and we quickly jumped on it.


Users can now finally say “Alexa, garage door up“ or “Alexa, blinds down” instead of using on and off commands.



In order to add support for this functionality without requiring any programming changes on the smart home server, we have added additional configuration on all blinds - “Invert open/close commands”. Click on the gear wheel next to the device name to configure the device.


Normal, non-inverted blind, sends 1 to the wire when Open command is executed and 0 on Close. Setting the percentage to 80% means the blinds close to 80%, increase closes the blind more and decrease command opens the blind.


Amazon actually sends On and Off commands when Open and Close commands are executed and this mode makes sense for our existing users who already configured their blinds and do not want to change their settings.


In the inverted mode Open and Close commands are swapped with Open sending a 0 and Close sending 1 which is usually the case with premium smart homes based on bus. Setting the percentage stays the same, 80% means 80% closed but increase or decrease commands are reversed. “Alexa, increase living room blinds” means the blinds will open for 25%.


Amazon has not officially communicated they support these commands. We also got word that for some of our users open and close support was not yet enabled. Let us know if this is the case. It is not uncommon for Amazon to roll out new features incrementally. Unfortunately rollout timeline is completely in the hands of Amazon and we cannot influence it.


As always, if you have any issues or comments, feel free to send them to our friendly support team. We will be happy to assist you.


Your Voxior team. 



Get in touch with us on info[at]voxior.com.


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