How to control your smart home with voice - Part 3: Weekday routine examples

September 24, 2017

One of the nicest benefits of a smart home is that it allows you to personalise your house to your way of life. This can of course be changed and modified every couple of years when your needs change.

A way to go about defining the scenes in your smart home is to think about different intents and modes you are in at different points in the day when at home. This will vary drastically from person to person, family with young kids, with older kids or when kids leave the house, when you stop going to work, or if you work from home, etc.


The example below is intended to give you some ideas.

Our weekday routines in a timeline:


7:00 Alexa, good morning

Prepare the house for the morning routine, lights dimmed, shades opened slightly, bathroom prepared for shower.

On some mornings we turn the music on in the bathroom issuing a separate command to our voice assistant. It is more flexible this way than to include music in the morning scene.

  • Set bedroom shutters to 90%

  • Set ambient bathroom light to 50%, turn on bathroom mirror to display news and overview of your day, close both electric bathroom doors, turn bathroom floor heating on

  • Set kitchen ambient light to 50%, open kitchen, dining and living room shutters to 90%.

  • Set thermostats to day mode

7:15 Alexa, turn shaving mode on

During the shower ventilation turns on automatically due to increased humidity. Prepare the bathroom for shaving:

  • Set all bathroom lights to 100%, open both electric bathroom doors


7:20 Alexa, turn bathroom off

Leave the bathroom. Family moves to the kitchen area to prepare breakfast:

  • Turn all bathroom lights off, turn bathroom floor heating off, turn off music in bathroom


7:30 Alexa, set breakfast mode on

Breakfast ready, everyone to the table:

  • Turn ambient kitchen light to 50%

  • Turn main and ambient dining room light to 50%

  • Set kitchen and dining room shutters to 75%

8:00 Alexa, set breakfast mode off

Breakfast finished, get ready to leave the house:

  • Turn all kitchen and dining room lights off

  • Open kitchen and dining room shutters, stop music in kitchen and living room


8:30 Alexa, we're off

Getting through the door:

  • Turn all lights off, set shutters to 90%, turn all music off

  • Increase ventilation to change the air in the home throughout the day.

  • Set the alarm


17:00 Alexa, we're back

Returning back home:

  • Open all living room area shutters

  • Turn the light in the entrance area on

  • Decrease the ventilation


18:00 Alexa, turn cooking mode on/off

Start cooking dinner, music is a must (rock music for me if I am cooking) but again it is more flexible if issued as a separate command.

  • Set kitchen main light to 100%


18:30 Alexa, set dinner time on/off

Call family to dinner table, music switched to relaxing music:

  • Turn main dining room light to 50%

  • Turn ambient dining room light to 50%


19:30 Alexa, turn evening mode on

Set the house to the evening mode when it gets dark:

  • Set kitchen, dining and living room shutters to 75%


19:45 Alexa, turn story mode on

Part of getting our kids to bed process is to read a story in the bathroom

  • Set main and mirror bathroom lights to 100%


19:50 Alexa, turn story mode off

  • Turn all bathroom lights to 100%


20:00 Alexa, set bedtime mode on

And finish the story in the bed.

  • Turn ambient kids room light to 20%

  • Close kids room shutters


20:15 Alexa, set bedtime mode off

Turn all lights off, time to sleep.

We have not yet played with any soothing sounds skills but there are quite a few out there.

  • Turn ambient kids room light off, turn music off

  • Close kids room shutters


20:30 Alexa, turn reading mode on/off

Take some time off in the evening and read a book:

  • Set reading corner light to 100%

  • Turn off other living room lights

  • Set shutters in the living area to 75%



20:30 Alexa, set working mode on/off

Or prepare for the next work day:

  • Set work room main light to 50%


23:00 Alexa, set night mode on

Close the house, set bathroom and bedroom to the appropriate mode

  • Turn all lights off, turn off music

  • Turn bathroom ambient light on

  • Turn bedroom ambient light on if bedroom not already in night mode

  • Close shutters to 90%, bedroom shutters close completely, leave kids room as it is

  • Set thermostats to night mode


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