How to control your smart home with voice - Part 4: Weekend routine example

September 25, 2017

Continuing from our last post we added a couple of examples from our weekend routine.


6:30 Alexa, turn Netflix on

Kids and I let mummy sleep longer as we watch cartoons in the morning:

  • Turn off all living room lights

  • Close living room shutters

  • Open cinema blinds in the living room

  • Open cinema screen

  • Turn AV receiver on and set input to Nvidia Shield TV

  • Turn Nvidia Shield TV on

  • Turn living room projector on

We will cover the AV integration in future posts. We are working on a new product extension which will allow you to easily connect all AV devices into your smart home scenes.


9:00 Alexa, turn Netflix off

Mummy is awake and we need to prepare breakfast:

  • Open living room shutters

  • Close cinema blinds in the living room

  • Close cinema screen

  • Turn AV receiver off

  • Turn Nvidia Shield TV off

  • Turn living room projector off



12:30 Alexa, turn nap time on

Time for the daytime nap for our kids. Same as the night mode described in the previous post.

You can use Voxior virtual switch to clone a device with a different name.


13:00 Alexa, turn fitness on/off

Get some training on the waterrower while watching a favourite series:

  • Turn off all fitness lights

  • Close fitness room shutters

  • Open fitness cinema screen

  • Turn AV receiver and set input to Nvidia Shield TV

  • Turn Nvidia Shield TV on

  • Turn fitness projector on


14:00 Alexa, turn nap time off

14:30 Alexa, turn cooking mode on/off


21:00 Alexa, turn wellness mode on/off

Time to relax in the sauna:

  • Turn ambient wellness lights to 50%

  • Turn all other wellness light off

  • Set wellness shutters to 90%



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P.s.: Want to know more? Check out other posts from our How-to series:




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