Long awaited Alexa Routines announced, local name invocation

September 28, 2017

Along with hardware announcements, today Amazon announced a couple of Alexa’s abilities due to arrive in the near future.


Amazon Alexa, in comparison to Apple Siri, did not have a way to create a custom command like “Alexa, good night”. The only way to create a simple to use command was to use combinations like “Alexa, set night mode ON”.



Hopefully soon users will be able to define scenes that include multiple actions at the same time and more importantly can be used without the pesky “set” or “turn on” baggage.

We just hope the Routines will not be limited to Amazon user interface and will be available to Smart Home skill developers. This way Voxior could simply import smart home scenes as routines into Alexa voice interface.


“In Amazon’s case, it’s taking the idea of combining tasks a bit further. Instead of only working with smart home devices – like thermostats, lights, smart locks, and other connected devices – Routines can include other actions, like Alexa’s Flash Briefing, or your weather and traffic updates.

That means you could create a Routine like “Alexa, good morning” that would switch on your lights, start your connected coffee pot brewing, then give you the latest news via your personalized briefing, and your daily forecast.”



Finally, the functionality we have all been waiting for: Alexa will be able to use simpler, local commands where customers have their home blanketed in Alexa-powered devices. Users will not need to remember the specific device names and will be able to use a simpler command like “Alexa, turn on the lights” when entering the kitchen, instead of “Alexa, turn on the kitchen main lamp.”

To use this option an Echo device should be available in all important rooms and each Echo device placed into the right smart home group.


The new consumer-facing features will not become available until next month, according to Amazon. We cannot wait to get access to this new functionality.



Get in touch with us on info[at]voxior.com.


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