Controlling your Smart Home using Amazon Alexa and Google Home: List of commands for blinds, shades or shutters

February 27, 2018


For your everyday Smart Home life to be more comfortable and relaxed we prepared and tested a list of Voice Commands, which work with Google Home/Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


The next one in our Series of How-To Articles will focus on controlling the blinds, shades and shutters. You’ve probably asked yourselves: How could I change the behavior of my blinds? What does the Invert-Toggle do? Are there other more intuitive commands to make the shutters go all the way up or down? Then please keep on reading.


How to control the blinds


Alexa commands for controlling blinds


To fully open the blinds:
"Alexa, <blind> up"
“Alexa, turn off <blind>”
“Alexa, turn <blind> off”
“Alexa, set <blind> off”
“Alexa, set off <blind>”

"Alexa, increase <blind>"
"Alexa, brighten <blind>"

"Alexa, set <blind> to 0%"


To fully close the blinds:
"Alexa, <blind> down" 
“Alexa, turn on <blind>”
“Alexa, turn <blind> on/off”
“Alexa, set <blind> on/off”
“Alexa, set on/off <blind>”


"Alexa, decrease <blind>"
“Alexa, dim <blind>”


"Alexa, set <blind> to 100%"

Set the blind to a certain position:
"Alexa, set <blind> to 50%"
"Alexa, increase <blind> by 50%"
"Alexa, decrease <blind> by 50%"



Google Assistant commands for controlling blinds


To fully open the blinds:
"Hey Google, turn <blind> off"
"Hey Google, turn off <blind>"
"Hey Google, set <blind> off"
"Hey Google, set <blind> to 0%"


To fully close the blinds:
"Hey Google, turn <light> on"
"Hey Google, turn on <blind>"
"Hey Google, set <light> on"
"Hey Google, set <blind> to 100%"


Query the light status:
"Hey Google, is the <blind> on/off?"


Set the blind to a certain position:
"Hey Google, set <blind> to 50%"


Out team is constantly testing new commands, we suggest keeping an eye on this articles for updates and news.


Toggle/Invert Commands:

Some of the users mentioned, they would like to change the way the ON/OFF commands work for the blinds. Currently your blinds will open, when you say "Hey Google, turn off <blind>" and close when you say "Hey Google, turn on <blind>".


In order to make these commands more intuitive, you can invert them. When saying "Hey Google, turn off <blind>" the blind will close. You can achieve this by clicking on the cog icon in the Voxior App and select “Invert Open/Close commands”.


Other commands, like up/down, querying the status of the blind or setting the position of the blinds by a certain percentage stay the same.



Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa voice commands side by side:




We keep a constantly updated list of commands, in our Help center. You can find the articles with Voice commands for lights, blinds, thermostats, switches and scenes there.


Have we missed any of the commands which work? How are they working for you? What are your thoughts? Share your feedback with us in the comments section or send us an email at support@voxior.com.


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