Why should your home be a Loxone Smart Home - Shaping the future with Loxone and Voice Control

May 3, 2018



A lot has changed through the years because of technology which evolves at an ever increasing speed. How does this affect the Smart Homes of today and of the future?


KNX and other BUS based systems are available for many years now, with different solutions for controlling every aspect of your home, from rooms, lights, blinds, different types of sensors to an ever growing family of IoT devices.



Smart Homes are no longer science fiction

In recent years the devices became smarter and easier-to-use. We use them almost without thinking about it. At the same time the Smart Home segment is on it’s path to mass adoption. One of the Smart Home solutions steadily gaining in popularity is Loxone.



Should you consider the Loxone Smart Home Automation?

The Loxone Smart Home offers a platform with innovative solutions suitable for almost any home, from small apartments to premium houses. You can control and automate the Lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), Multimedia (Audio & Video), Shading and other areas. Everything from security, Fitness & Wellness, Pool, Irrigation systems to Energy management is available. Loxone defines the Smart Home as the 360° solution, which allows you to control every aspect of it, with the help of Loxone Miniserver, released in 2010.


In their Showhome Loxone is demonstrating the latest of their technology - 5 deluxe bedrooms with en suite bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and naturally a sauna to help relax & unwind after a busy day. Some of the interesting features include:

  • An automated fireplace: switching on automatically when it’s cold and you enter the room.

  • Perfect temperature throughout the rooms - pleasant in the living room and enjoyable in your bedrooms.

  • Adapting rooms to your daily and night routine - no more harsh lightning, when stepping in the bathroom at night - soft lighting and automatic comfortable ventilation.


With constant development, they’re steadily expanding their product portfolio. A quick glimpse conveys an array of innovative products:

  • Loxone Air - released in 2014 offers a Smart Home installation with the convenience of wireless technology. The heart of it is the Miniserver Go.

  • Loxone Music server, launched in 2015, enables a multi room audio setup in your home. It’s integration gives you the possibility to listen to your music collection in every room as well as hear the alarm clock, doorbell and listen to various streaming services (Spotify, Google Play Music, ...).

  • Loxone Tree extension from the year 2016 which minimized the cabling and installation time required when building a Smart Home.

  • Loxone Touch surface, released in 2017, functioning as a switch to control lighting, blinds, music and other devices. Minimalistic design of it blends with Smart Home’s interior.


With Loxone Smart Home the owners get full control of almost every device using a Smart Home tablet, mobile phone or a wall switch.



Bringing Voice Control into the equation

With so much innovation and broad product portfolio one can notice only one feature missing. Voice Control makes commanding your Smart Home easier and completely intuitive with the help of Alexa, Siri (Apple HomeKit) and Google Assistant. With Loxone and Voxior your sauna can be all set-up as soon as you walk through the door. For a nice romantic dinner with your loved one you can now adjust the colour, lights, blinds and other devices without lifting a finger. A simple word to Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri (HomeKit) will do the trick.


See our "Smart Home Scenes for different occasions" article to better understand how you can take over your Voice automation and increase the synergy between your home and your lifestyle.

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