Formerly Voxior

Voice Control Box

The device will add support for Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and

Google Assistant to your Smart Home in the most convenient and secure way.

Select the right version for you.


Do it yourself Box

For technical enthusiasts that like to build.

Acquire a Raspberry Pi 3 kit from one of the web shops -

simply install our software on an SD card and you are ready to go.

Running for Life

372€ + VAT

Is it really that simple to install?


This is all you have to do.

How to connect my Smart Home
and Assistant?

Once installed, the device will automatically become visible in your local network.

Connect it with your home over one click. 

Proceed with the setup in the 1Home dashboard.

1. Copy credentials from your
Smart Home mobile app.

Simply input the username & password

of your Home mobile app and you have connected your installation with 1Home.

2. Open up the app of the assistant

and connect it with 1Home.

Run  Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant app and connect your Assistant with 1Home.

Who is the 1Home Box for?

Apple Siri & HomeKit 


For users that want to use Apple Siri and HomeKit functionalities. Local connectivity enables the integration.

Security & Convenience


For users aiming at Simplifying installation (auto-connecting) and Increasing security (credentials stored on the device) with Alexa and Google Assistant.

KNX IP Interface

For users that want to connect any KNX IP Router or IP Interface. The Box serves as an authentication method.

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